Sunday, April 22, 2012

Business Idea: Service Provider to help foreigners/PRs integrate into Singapore

Quite some time ago, one of my readers visited my blog and suggested that one niche business idea could be to provide a service to help foreigners/PRs integrate into Singapore society. I have mixed feelings when he suggested this to me.After all, I am a true blue Singaporean, being born and having lived here for three decades and served my two and a half years of NS.These foreigners/PRs come here and compete with our PMETs for jobs at lower wages without having to serve NS. They also compete with our locals for our kids P1 places, burden our transport system, occupied our hospital beds, take up our scholarships and view Singapore as solely a place to become rich. I feel that this is so unfair. Henceforth I would never provide a service to help the foreigners/PRs integrate into our society. Perhaps there are Singaporeans who are able to do it and make it into a successful business model but definitely not me.

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