Year: 2021

My stock investment portfolio

investment portfolio

As a matter of policy, I do not usually share my stock investment portfolio in this blog. This is because I do not want to create the impression that I am showing off my wealth. However, at the request of an SG Wealth Builder Lifetime member, I am sharing my investment portfolio for the first time. I feel obliged to share this article as this member has been a loyal member and I would like to repay his faith in me.

Apart from the Lifetime member’s request, I think the sharing of my stock investment portfolio will be good for my self-development as it helps to provide clarity on the thought process for my investments. Obviously, we all have investment blind spots and will inevitably make mistakes in the course of our wealth journey. In this regard, I think it is important to do self-reflections from time to time so that we can learn from mistakes and improve to become better investors.

Having this update also serves as a good documentation to keep track of how I have fared as an investor. I think members of SG Wealth Builder will want to know that I …

Wilmar share price on the way to $10?

Wilmar share price

What an explosive run for Wilmar share price! On the back of record crude pam oil prices (CPO), Wilmar share price soars to high heavens. Indeed, the return of the form of Wilmar share price is timely as investors await the release of the highly-anticipated full-year financial results, which will be released on 22 February 2021.

In 2020, Sembcorp Industries was the best performing Straits Times Index (STI) component. I had made a profit of $17,500 from that counter and rebalanced my portfolio by investing in Wilmar. On the basis of the raging form of Wilmar share price, I am confident that Wilmar will be the best performing STI component in 2021.

Wilmar share price

Wilmar share price turned bullish with surging CPO

Wilmar share price to hit $5?

Wilmar share price to explode with India IPO?

Question now is: will Willmar share price storm to $10? This is definitely not a crazy wild guess with no investment basis. Net profit for 9MFY2020 was already US$1.14 billion. If we factored in the US$2.01 billion proceeds received from Yihai Kerry Arowana (YKA) and the 4th quarter net profit, the total net profit could be US$3.5 billion, which translates …

First Reit share price in crisis

First Reit share price

What a perfect storm for First Reit share price! In December 2018, I wrote an article “Dark chapter for high-flying First REIT”. In that article, I highlighted the two key risks for First Reit – over-reliance on its Sponsor (PT Lippo Karawaci, LPKR) for rental income and currency exchange risks. Indeed, my worst fear came true when First Reit share price blew up spectacularly in 2020. Should investors run for their lives or fight to the very end?

First Reit share price

Make no mistake, COVID-19 pandemic should not be seen as the attributing factor for the collapse of First Reit share price. Troubles actually began to brew way back in 2018 when LPKR embarked on the massive Meikarta real estate development in Indonesia. Costing USD21 billion, this is the largest project that the Riady family has taken so far. The required funding is colossus. As such, the amount involved drained the conglomerate’s cash flow and impacted the liquidity of the Group.

For sure, the moment of revelation was unleashed on 1 June 2020 when LPKR dropped the bombshell of unilaterally restructuring its master lease agreements (MLAs) with First Reit. To add to the mayhem, the …

CapitaLand share price to hit $5 in 2021?

CapitaLand share price

On 3 November 2020, I wrote that CapitaLand share price could have bottomed when the blue chip sunk to a low of $2.50. At that price level, my diagnosis was that it was a good opportunity to enter this counter. Subsequently, CapitaLand share price turned on the style to stage a magnificent recovery, soaring from $2.50 to a high of $3.30 in recent days. Christmas certainly came early for CapitaLand investors but is the current rally of CapitaLand share price sustainable in 2021?

The recent resurrection of CapitaLand share price can be attributed to a combination of several potent factors. Firstly, with Joe Biden being confirmed as the new President of United States, much uncertainties had been removed from global stock markets. As a result, most of the Straits Times Index (STI) components rediscovered their forms lately. And CapitaLand share price, being one of the leading lights in SGX, was no exception.

CapitaLand share price

Secondly, 2021 could be a pivotal year for CapitaLand share price as the Group attempts to ride on the much-anticipated COVID-19 recovery in Singapore and China. As of September 2020, 43% of the Group’s assets were in Singapore while 37% of the assets …